Thought for the Day

"It is amazing what you can accomplish when you don't care who gets the credit." Harry S. Truman

How toothpaste changed my life

I‘ve got an important anniversary coming up, and I almost forgot all about it. It’s a milestone that is easy to overlook, marking a road I’m still traveling. I set off from Point A many years ago when I went looking for a toothpaste that would actually leave my teeth feeling clean. Having passed Points B, C, and D, today I’m passing Point E, which marks the start of an editing business to help independent, self-publishing …

Welcome to My Mind

OmnibrainI call this blog my Omniblog, because it collects all my blog posts from here, there, and everywhere. I guess I just have too many interests — they won’t all fit on a single blog. So I have blogs about reading, blogs about writing, blogs about editing and self-publishing, a blog about praying, and there are other blogs I would create if I had the time (natural remedies, for instance — someday I want to write the book on simple, natural remedies that everyone should know about).

I hope not to create any more blogs, so it’s possible that some of the things that don’t fit into my existing blogs (or someone else’s — I’m happy to write guest posts for others) will show up here. But for the most part the Omniblog will feature re-posted content from other places on the Web. If a post interests you, why not follow the link back to the original blog and explore? There’s no telling what you might find.