NaNoWriMo Report: Success so far


So many novels begun this month — how many will be completed?

Yesterday National Novel Writing Month began and, for the first time in several years, I am a “competitor.” My writing project for the month is You Know What — my twice-told tale, which I’m calling (for the moment) Mr. Tracey Investigates. I missed the starting gun, however, so I didn’t begin my race to 50,000 words until this morning. However, I have completed the first scene of the first chapter of what I can now legitimately call my “work in progress” (WIP).

The main thing to report at this point is that it is so liberating to be able to write, already knowing that the plot is in good shape. My intended practice this month is to get up early enough to write my 1,667 words for the day before I start my “real” work (editing other people’s novels) and then, in the evening, plan out the next day’s writing. If I can, I’m going to resist any urge to edit or futz as I go along — I just want to write. Not because I’m worried about hitting a 50K word count by the end of the month (I should be able to do that pretty easily), but because writing is fun and relaxing if (big if) you don’t stress yourself out by editing and second-guessing yourself all along the way.

Anyway, Chapter 1, Scene 1 of Draft 1 of Mr. Tracey Investigates is in the bag. So — success! For today, at least.

If you want to keep up with my NaNoWrMo progress, check out the little monitor at the top of the sidebar on the right of the blog (⇒) or you can find a day-by-day graph here.


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