My other websites

Most of the posts in the Omniblog on this website were originally published on one of my other websites. Since only the most recent posts from these sites are re-blogged here, you may like to visit the full sites, where you will find a lot more to read.

Mitey Editing

Although here on this website I offer editing services to the general public, I also have a special service just for independent Catholic authors. Mitey Editing offers professional editing services to indie Catholic writers at super-affordable rates, as my way of encouraging and enabling the revival of Catholic arts and letters.

Mitey Editing is also the home of my Polish Before You Publish blog (PBYB), which encourages and instructs writers on how to be better self-editors. PBYB posts are re-blogged here on the Omniblog.

A Catholic Reader

This blog is dear to my heart. I started it after I left teaching (sooner than I had expected) and needed a way to direct all the energies I could no longer expend in the classroom. Here I discuss great, classical literature and the ways that studying such literature can make us all better people. It also serves as an example of the way I think literature can (and often should) be read, not as light entertainment, but as a vehicle for communicating truth about the human condition.

If you read some of the older posts on A Catholic Reader, you may see, as I do, a kind of personal “philosophy of reading” emerging, something that I did not intend as I wrote those early posts.

Common Prayers

I started the Common Prayers blog as a platform to attract readers for a little pocket prayer book that I hope to publish one of these days. As I’ve been thinking about this prayer book project over the past two or three years, I’ve realized that I also want to pass on some of the beneficial devotional practices I’ve learned over the years. On this blog, I write about individual prayers, hymns, and other devotions that have become dear to me, along with occasional hints about how to get more out of using common devotions.

Sancta Futura

Several years ago I started work on a science fiction novel that I intended to be the first of a series. This was to be my “learner” novel, and I wanted to write about the experience of writing a science fiction novel, so I started the Sancta Futura blog on Google’s free Blogger platform. I kept the blog up while writing the first couple of drafts of the book and then, when I realized I needed to let the project rest so that my ideas for the book and the series could mature, the blog fell into disuse.

Recently, I’ve resumed work on my science fiction stories and have decided to revive the blog. A lot has changed since I first began Sancta Futura. The book (and projected series) that first inspired it have undergone radical changes in my imagination — instead of a several-volume series, I’ve whittled it down to a trilogy, but a trilogy that has a much more complex (and, I hope, interesting) story to tell than I had first imagined.

Sancta Futura is now a self-hosted WordPress site, but I’ve kept the original posts from Blogger. They seem a bit quaint and naive to me now, but since my intention was always to document my learning process, I guess that’s okay. I want this blog to bloom and grow, to be about more than just my own writing process. On Sancta Futura, I hope to discuss speculative fiction in much the same way as I discuss great classical works of literature on A Catholic Reader.

These four sites are the heart of my Omniblog, and best express what’s going on in my mind as a writer, reader, and thinker. You can also find a quick overview of my current activities at Strikingly or find a full resumé on LinkedIn.