Welcome to My Mind

OmnibrainI call this blog my Omniblog, because it collects all my blog posts from here, there, and everywhere. I guess I just have too many interests — they won’t all fit on a single blog. So I have blogs about reading, blogs about writing, blogs about editing and self-publishing, a blog about praying, and there are other blogs I would create if I had the time (natural remedies, for instance — someday I want to write the book on simple, natural remedies that everyone should know about).

I hope not to create any more blogs, so it’s possible that some of the things that don’t fit into my existing blogs (or someone else’s — I’m happy to write guest posts for others) will show up here. But for the most part the Omniblog will feature re-posted content from other places on the Web. If a post interests you, why not follow the link back to the original blog and explore? There’s no telling what you might find.