What do Catholic writers write?

Faith, fiction, memoir, devotional writing, all represented at our July 2017 meeting.

What do Catholic writers write? A better question might be, “What don’t Catholic writers write?” Not just the inspirational, devotional, or spiritual kinds of writing you might expect! Murder, anyone? How about close encounters with extra-terrestrials? Memoirs about demonic oppression or personal tragedy? Science, political philosophy, child-rearing, ethics. Children’s books, humorous short stories, tales of mystery, madness, and mayhem. You see, being a “Catholic writer” doesn’t necessarily mean writing “Catholic stuff” for Catholic readers; it often means writing about real, human problems that touch us all—but doing so from a perspective enlightened by the Catholic faith, telling tales of hope in a world that seems to grow more hopeless every day.

Look at those people in the photo above (taken at our July 2017 meeting), and you’ll see the whole gamut of Catholic writing represented, from faith to fiction. (Yours Truly, wielding the camera, writes both fiction and nonfiction.) Why not picture yourself, with your own blog, book, or article, in the gallery of Catholic writers? Join us at our next meeting, Tuesday, August 1, in far north Dallas, and share a bit of your own writing, offer helpful comments for other writers as they share their work for critique, or just gain a little inspiration. Find details of the meeting time and place here. We hope to see some new faces at our next meeting.

Elizabeth Scalia

You might also want to consider attending the Catholic Writers Retreat, Your Word is My Delight, sponsored by the Catholic Writers Guild, to be held this October 8–12, 2017, in central Michigan. (More info here.) Featured speaker will be Elizabeth Scalia, international speaker, award-winning Catholic columnist, and editor-in-chief  of the English edition of Aleteia.org, an online Catholic lifestyle magazine publishing in seven languages. Register for the retreat here.

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This post originally appeared on the DFW Catholic Writers Group blog.

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